Menden und Balve: Riesige Nachfrage nach Breitband ins Haus

Une grande partie des propriétaires de Menden et Balve souhaitent utiliser un programme de subventions pour l’expansion du haut débit. L’internet rapide entre dans la maison.

Ils sont à Iserlohn et Menden travaux de finition pour internet rapide dans le programme de financement fédéral “3. appeler” fermé. Il partage ça Arrondissement de Brandebourg Avec. Dans le Märkische Kreis, l’expansion de la fibre optique dans les zones résidentielles suscite un grand intérêt, rapporte le Märkische Kreis. Les taux de réponse dans les municipalités où les propriétaires ont été contactés au sujet d’une connexion à fibre optique entièrement subventionnée sont très bons et se situent en moyenne autour de 92 %.

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Dans Balve le quota est attaché 94,8 %dans Mende à 67,2 %est-ce[called”Thisshowsthattheprojectfundedwithatotalof6045millioneuroshasbeenextremelywellreceivedbythecitizensInthiswaythefundingreachesthepeopleinaveryconcreteway”saysDistrict Administrator Marco Voge. Matthias Pohl, gigabit coordinator of the district, adds: “Currently, more than 4,750 connections can be booked in the district.” For example, in Iserlohn and Menden the subsidized expansion in the “3. Call” of federal funding with 1,032 built house connections now completely completed.

Funding projects jointly by the state and federal government for the cities

When it comes to broadband expansion, the Märkische Kreis benefits from various funding projects from the federal government and the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. In Iserlohn and Menden there are around 1,500 addresses in the expansion area of ​​the “3. calls”. The new network enables bandwidths of up to 1,000 Mbit/s (1 gigabit per second). “It is so powerful that working and learning from home, video conferencing, surfing and streaming are possible at the same time,” reports Matthias Pohl.

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Telemark created 1,032 house connections in Menden and Iserlohn as part of the funded project and built a new fiber optic network with 51 route kilometers. 900 customers are already surfing via the new fiber optic lines. Stefan Döbbe, Telemark project manager, and Matthias Pohl, gigabit coordinator of the Märkischer Kreis, look back with satisfaction on a successful project implementation. Alternative laying methods are available for laying fiber optics, especially in rural areas. Around 15 kilometers of the fiber optic routes were laid using the drilling fluid method, a cable plow or a cable milling machine.

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“Of the fiber optic expansion is not only the basis for people being able to work digitally, but also an important location factor. We are making good progress with broadband expansion throughout the Märkisches Kreis. With the completion of the construction work in the “3. Call” in Iserlohn and Menden gives another 1,500 addresses access to the high-speed Internet. That’s good news. We will also stay on the ball with further expansion steps and funding programs,” says District Administrator Marco Voge. Within the framework of the funded project (federal funding “3. Call”), around 24,000 addresses with around 44,650 households will be connected to the high-speed Internet throughout the Märkisch district.

Mayor Roland Schröder from Menden praises the offer

Mayor Michael Joithe (Iserlohn) and Mayor Roland Schröder (Menden) are also pleased about the completion of the expansion work on the “3. Calls”: “Citizens of the expanded addresses can now surf the Internet at up to 1,000 Mbit/s and use digital offers,” it says.

“Telemark sees its task as a ‘connecting element’ in connecting residential and commercial areas in the region to the fiber optic network in order to create the conditions for the digital future in rural areas,” reports Telemark Managing Director Andreas Griehl.

Further information on the funding projects in the Märkischer Kreis and the Internet expansion:

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